I have been a big fan of Itatooo. When I saw people having Itatooo, I will look at them and think I would like to have that too! But, the truth is, I like a lot of designs and I am afraid of getting a tattoo that might hurt, and the procedure of caring for the real Itatooo is complicated. And If I want a new one, I need to have it removed. Most of all, I am lazy and it is hard to decide what design I want in which body part.

Then one day I know that there are temporary Itatooo in the world which is one of the most genius creations! I can wear whatever I want and whenever I want at whichever body part and I love it! The fun is endless!

That's why I and my best friend start the Itatooo. We want to share this fun with you as we do. We hope you have fun!