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48pcs/lot 3D Cute Bear Love Flower Cherry Lovely Temporary Tattoo Stickers 48 Designs

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All of the temporary stickers in these designs are hand-drawn with our new technology of 3D printing effect. The 3D effect makes it different from the traditional one while these styles look more real with dimension. Cute is the theme of these designs. There are hearts, animals, letters and some fun graphics.

Type: Temporary Tattoo
Number of Pieces: 48 pieces per sheet

All of the tattoo stickers are non-toxic. The temporary stickers usually last for 3-7 days based on how you use them and the skin. The semi-permanent tattoo stickers usually last for 7-15 days on skin based on usage. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!

Use Guide:
1, Please cut the tattoo out.
2, Clean your skin.
3, Remove the tattoo cover.
4, Place the tattoo face down on skin.
5, Wet the tattoo thoroughly with sponge or wet towel slowly.
6, Wait for 30 seconds and remove the backing paper carefully.
7, Allow the tattoo to dry and you are all set.

Removal Guide:
1, Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or makeup cleanser
2, Wait for 10 seconds, then rub the tattoo gently and repeatedly until it is removed.
3, For Semi-permanent tattoo stickers, it can’t be removed. For faster removal, rub and wait for them to fade through time or can use salty water to soak the tattoo for 20-30 minutes before that.

1. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
2. Do not put it directly on eyes.
3. Not for children under 3 years old.
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