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Holloween Makeup Cosplay Blood Fake Tattoo Stickers (Buy 6 Free Shipping)

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Make it easier and more fun with these tattoo stickers and forget about the heavy makeup on your face which takes your hours to make and clean! Plus, this look superrrr real! Happy Halloween!

Use Guide:
1, Please cut the tattoo out
2, Clean your skin
3, Remove the tattoo cover
4, Place the tattoo face down on skin
5, Wet the tattoo thoroughly with sponge or wet towel slowly
6, Wait for 30 seconds and remove the backing paper carefully
7, Allow the tattoo to dry and you are all set

Removal Guide:
1, Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or makeup cleanser
2, Wait for 10 seconds, then rub the tattoo gently and repeatedly until it is removed.
3, For Semi-permanent tattoo stickers, you can’t remove. You will need to rub and wait for them to fade through time.
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